"When he sings about soul, you know he has one." is how one music writer succinctly put it. Chuck Schiele who hubs bi-coastally both in Syracuse, NY and in San Diego, CA is noted for his thought-and-spirit-provoking lyrics, delivered with his husky, soulful approach to singing.

Currently,  Chuck works with Quatro—an eclectic group consisting of George Newton n pedal steel and vocals, Heather Kubacki on cello, and vocals and John Dancks on double bass. The quartet features original songs and compositions that result in a sound that exists somewhere between the deserts of New Mexico and the rings of Saturn. Quatro is also noted for their unique and exciting renditions of covered material from a variety of genres. The group is off to a tremendous start, playing to standing-room-only shows upon inception. They play regionally throughout New York State, and have traveled to play as far away as California. The Quatro released their first EP entitled, 4.1 in early 2020. A live EP The Subcat Sessions in 2021, and in 2023 a full-length album entitled Square Peg.

Aside from Quatro, Chuck plays solo with tours taking him to places such as Mexico and throughout the US. He also collaborates with a project he calls the Skinnydippers based out of San Diego with Simeon Flick, Don Wiseman and Kevin Irvin.

Chuck also gets involved as an events producer creating themed shows that spotlight the talents of other artists in the music community. In doing so, Chuck has also raised thousands of dollars for organizations such as Wounded Warriors Project, NY State Blues Festival, ALZ, Cancer, Women & Children Wellness and Literacy.

Chuck's career started to gain momentum with his group Modern Peasants (1993-1999) who released a self-titled album that received regional success in the southwest US. From 2000-2002 Chuck worked with the collaborative project Mysterious Ways, releasing an album in 2002. 2003 he collaborated in the Gandhi Method— a short-lived, but critically acclaimed vocal folk-rock project, which went on to receive a nomination for "Best Americana" in the 2003 San Diego Music Awards.

In 2004 Chuck spearheaded the Grams with prodigal guitarist Craig Yerkes and classical violinist "Sweet" Elise Ohki. The Grams played extensively while receiving airplay in Asia, Europe and US markets after releasing 2 albums The Grams and Love Factory.  In four years the group enjoyed 5 nominations for "Best Americana Performer," and/or "Best Americana Recording" receiving back-to-back wins in 2006 and 2007 at the prestigious San Diego Music Awards

In 2009 the basement project Bad Science Fiction (San Diego, CA) released it's debut album, Therefore, also going on to receive nomination for "Best New Rock Artist."

Chuck also continues to play with the outlandish group which has its own cultish following. Members include Michael Head on guitar, John Miller on keys and noisetronica, Tony Sndoval and Don Wiseman on bass and drums.The group is noted for it's driving hard rock dance groove; and also their audacious theatrics.

Salt City Chill was formed in 2014 [in Syracuse, NY with Phil Smith: drums, John Dancks: bass, Rhys Brigida: keys, Todd Hobin: guitar and Richie Melito: guitar] and released  And Another Thing early in 2017.

Other Endeavors

Aside from all this Chuck also engaged as a producer serving a variety of artists in their own musical pursuits. He's played in numerous casual collaborations and one-offs. He is also active as a music editorial writer ... "I also want to give a bit of energy to the part of the scene that isn't about me." And, Chuck has been known to throw a music event or two serving as music coordinator at several southern California festivals. In 2009 Chuck received official recognition for his community and civic efforts with music from the California State Senate.

From 2013—2021, Chuck also served as a Creative Director/Content Director for Making Music Magazine and the International Musician—The Official Journal of the Musicians Union of the United States and Canada, He serves also as a creative consultant for the San Diego Troubadour since 2013. He also writes a column Sounds of Syracuse/Table Hopping Magazine which highlights the music community in central New York.

In March of 2020 Chuck Schiele was a presenter at the prestigious SAMMY AWARDS (Syracuse, NY).

At the world famous Casbah (San Diego), 2007.

Photo: Jon Dufort

Chuck Schiele's Quatro with George Newton, John Dancks, Chuck Schiele, Heather Kubacki

Salt City Chill 2019 with Todd Hobin, Phil Smith, Chuck Schiele, Richie Melito, John Dancks, Rhys Brigida

With Salt City Chill at the Landmark Theater, Syracuse, NY.

Chuck Schiele, Elise Ohki, Craig Yerkes of the Grams were champs at the prestigious 2006 & 2007 San Diego Music Awards

Modern Peasants live at Java Joes (San diego) 1996. Chuck Schiele, Dan Allmann, Kevin Irvin, Eileen Marie, Bastos Moenho, Jim Earp.

Chuck Schiele circa 1993 with The And. Also pictured are Dan Allmann (drums, Jon Bushnell (bass)